About Us


Teacher's Aides

Additionally, we support teachers with their unique classroom needs, to ease their burden and ultimately increase student learning.  Whatever a teacher needs help with, we work to assist them to the best of our ability by providing volunteers to help


Tutoring Services

What we do:

We work with your child's teacher to support what he/she is learning in their classroom and work to reinforce the lessons that are currently being presented.  We find out what lessons your child missed and which concepts and material they are struggling with and we strive to fill in the missing information and get them caught up.

Students we work with:

Elementary students in Pre-K through 5th grade.  We specialize in remedial material.

Where we work:

In your child's classroom, at your house, or a local library.  A variety of factors affect which location we use. The parent's and student's personal preference and accessibility are key components.  


Parent Support

 We also work with the student's parents, to assist in providing guidance on how they can best help the student at home.  There are a variety of ways a student's family can support their efforts to succeed in school.